Kako | Ebay Auction For Fundraiser Spacenite 2 – A Tribute To Bill Mantlo

December 23, 2010    Kako

Levy Creative Management artist KAKO is participating in an eBay auction of his artwork for the fundraiser SPACENITE 2 – A Tribute to comic creator Bill Mantlo, who wrote every issue of ROM, as well just about every other Marvel title in the 80′s. This show was organized as a fundraiser for Mantlo, who was injured in a hit and run accident 20 years ago. Severe brain injuries left him without motor functions, and he will live the rest of his life in a brain damage institute.

The original artwork and one of a kind archival prints are now being auctioned on eBay.  100% of the proceeds from these are sales go to Bill Mantlo. There are over 60 works of art to choose from and the auctions are staggered over 4 days: Sunday 12/26 – Wednesday 12/29.

About Kako’s Artwork in the show: Kako’s eBay page

  • Limited print series – one of a kind!
  • Archival Paper – Classic Velour, 17″x34″
  • Print is signed and numbered 1/1. Comes with Certificate of Authenticity
  • Auction ends December 28, 2010
  • Shipping is worldwide – so everyone is in!

Now stop reading this blog and go bid on Kako’s artwork!!! Support a great cause and have a beautiful piece of artwork for the new year. Go on now…It doesn’t get better than that.

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