Antoine Dore | Exhibiting At Françoise Sagan Library In Paris

September 25, 2017    Antoine Doré

ANTOINE DORE is part of a great exhibition at the Françoise Sagan Library in Paris “Exposition Ce fameux Livre – 40 illustrateurs revisitent leur livre d’enfance” – An exhibition featuring illustrators revisiting their favorite children’s books. Antoine’s was about the Amazon and his interpretation of a book that has always spoken to them.

Come (re) discover masterpieces of the history of the youth book put in comparison with the work of contemporary illustrators! The youth and heritage center of the Françoise Sagan multimedia library, the Youth authors and illustrators charter and the MOTif invite 40 illustrators to create an image in relation to a childhood book that has marked them. The Médiathèque Françoise Sagan hosts the Heure Joyeuse heritage collection, which was the first library devoted to youth in France and whose collection is full of books for children from the 16th century to the present day.”