Kako | New Book Cover For The Brazilian Edition Of Scott Berstrom’s Book The Cruelty For Seguinte

September 25, 2017    Kako

Excited to share this new book cover by KAKO for Crueldade, the Brazilian edition of Scott Bergstrom’s book The Cruelty, published by Seguinte. Even better read below about how Kako came up with this brilliant cover.

From all the Young Adult books Kako has read to create covers, this one was way more “A” than “Y”, very different from what he was used to. For this reason all he knew about making Young Adult book covers would certainly not apply here, making this one of the hardest design puzzles to crack.

After many sketches and extensive research, there was an idea that could work in many levels. Designing the cover as a passport not only let Kako introduce the idea of an international mystery/action book, but it was also a good solution when you think about creating a collection and its design identity. It allowed him to subtly include many details of the story, places and main character into the Coat of Arms without being predictable.

But he confesses he was always a bit concerned about this idea, until he received an email from Editora Seguinte saying the author loved the cover. In his words:

“The more I study this cover, the more I absolutely love it. It is thoroughly dedicated to its singular concept. The art director really, really understood what they wanted and went for it full steam. As a work of art, as an exploration of an idea, it is perfect.  Please tell them this, and if you could, please have them pass my compliments on to the art director. I’m blown away by how well done it is.”