David Junkin | Opiate Crisis Fuels Rise In Heart Infections For Seven Days

December 20, 2017    David Junkin

While the illo for this is really powerful, the subject is so disturbing — the illo follows suit with its brilliant rendition of the crisis at hand. This was a piece done by DAVID JUNKIN for Seven Days Magazine. The article is about the Opiate crisis and how it’s driving a rise in heart infections, leaving  addicts with a rare and life-threatening heart infection. Curing this illness has clearly become a huge challenge both by treatment and expense. UVM Medical Center is seeing a big uptick in cases— most of them are addicts who, presumable are getting the infection from injecting drugs. It’s very costly to treat and the patients have to stay at the hospital for six weeks, which ties up beds. One case may cost up to $600,000 to treat. Unfortunately some get sicker and come back, some of them never come back. Some seek treatment, others don’t for fear of letting loved ones know of their addiction/disease. The opiate crisis in this country is so frightening, at what point will we see changes being made so that this crisis will be on the decrease instead of an increase.