Goncalo Viana | Top 12 Portuguese Books Published In The Past 100 Years For Estante Magazine

October 25, 2016    Gonçalo Viana

Here’s a great collection of illustrations GONCALO VIANA  did for the most recent issue of Estante Magazine in Lisbon. The first was for the cover and the 2 others for full page interiors. The feature was about the top 12 Portuguese books published in the past 100 years. The bookends feature Portuguese writers Fernando Pessoa and José Saramago. The 2nd illustration is a “Big Brother” and is a portrait of 1984’s character Big Brother & the last illo is “Roald Dhal,” a portrait of the writer and some of his most iconic characters: Willy Wonka, Mr. Fox and the BFG.

Big Brother
Roald Dahl