August 13, 2020    Gonçalo Viana

At last we’re able to share this glorious book illustrated by GONÇALO VIANA called “In the Sky: Designs Inspired By  Nature,” a non-fiction kids book by Harriet Evans, published by Little Tiger Group. Scientists often take a leaf from nature when devising inventions. Find out more and let your imagination soar:

Discover how nature has inspired some great creations, from the Wright Brothers’ first aeroplane to Eiji Nakatsu’s bullet train. Meet brilliant birds, boisterous bats, and family trees as we celebrate the creatures of the sky. Explore the human and natural world, from bee discos to the design of outer-space cameras.


“In this fabulous book, the reader can discover how nature has inspired scientists, designers and engineers to create some incredible inventions. ‘In the Sky’ begins with the development of aircraft through the years from Chinese kites through to designs for the future. This is followed by an explanation of how things fly. 

The inspiration behind other modes of transport is also explored. Japan’s Shinkansen – the bullet train- was noisy until engineer, Eiji Nakatsu, turned to his passion for bird watching for a solution. Insects have also provided the inspiration for building projects with the hexagonal design of of their cells being used in buildings and the rough coating on moths’ eyes have been copied by scientists to create anti-reflective phone screens.

There is so much to learn and discover in this book which encourages the reader to let their imaginations run wild, seeking to inspire a new generation of inventors who are in turn inspired by the wonders of the natural world.

Full of lovely illustrations and fascinating facts, ‘In the Sky’ is a welcome addition to any library, book corner or home collection where it will inspire the curious and encourage us all to pay a little more attention the magic of nature.”

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