August 12, 2020    Irene Servillo

We’re absolutley loving all these illos by IRENE SERVILLO and super happy to be sharing this gorgeous new series for The Standford Graduate School of Business. This was a series for Stanford’s Community Response package — in essense a narrative chronological about COVID shutdown; portrait of the school & community in the midst of the pandemic, retelling how the drama unfolded and how the school reacted to the Covid shutdown. Huge thanks to our team at Point 5, this was an amazing series to work on!

“How We Adapted” If you want to move a business school’s curriculum online in a single weekend, you better practice what you teach.

“It’s in People’s Nature to Want to Do Something during a Catastrophe”
Xue “Xander” Wu, MS ’19, organized Hack for Wuhan to help his besieged hometown in China.

“Half of the Patients We Work with Are Now Facing Serious Financial Difficulties”

Karin Underwood, MBA ’19, founded CoachMe to help low-income Americans improve their health-related behaviors.

“Our Goal Is to Create 50,000 Face Shields for Frontline Workers”

Through Dent Education, Rajan Patel, MBA ’16, transforms under-resourced Baltimore teens into entrepreneurial makers.

“The Pandemic Has Made Our Mission More Critical Than Ever”

With TalkingPoints, Heejae Lim, MBA ’15, bridges language barriers between teachers and parents.

“We Thought We’d Seen It All. a Global Pandemic Was Not on Our List.”

Brian Anderluh and Lee Zimmerman, both MBA ’94, scrambled to keep their Yosemite lodges afloat and their workers housed.

“We’re Giving the Community Access to Affordable Credit in a Time of Deep Need”

Listo cofounder Sam Ulloa, MBA ’05, aims to democratize access to financial services for under-banked families nationwide.
“We’ve Never Been Closer to Each Other or to Those We Serve”
Suhani Jalota, MBA ’22, PhD ’24, created the Myna Mahila Foundation to help women in Mumbai’s slums overcome the stigma of menstruation.
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