Goncalo Viana | Loading For Iam8bit

June 15, 2015    Gonçalo Viana

Here’s a really fun new piece by GONCALO VIANA for Los Angeles gallery iam8bit. This was Gonçalo’s second time being asked to submit a piece for their upcoming 10th Anniversary Art Show, a celebration of retro computer gaming. He chose to create an image celebrating ZX Spectrum’s loading screens. Gonçalo spent countless hours of his youth playing ZX Spectrum 48K games. A considerable part of that involved staring at Spectrum’s psychedelic loading screens with their endless flickering stripes. They were mesmerizing and, as games took absolutely ages to load, as large a part of the experience of the game itself. They were almost fine art, some kind of techno abstract expressionism, so he chose to celebrate them that way. Way to bring back his youth into his present worlds. Really enjoy how this piece came together. The opening is June 18th for anyone in the LA area.