Kako | Awesome New Animatiion For New Brazilian Reality TV Show!

May 22, 2013    Kako

KAKO never ceases to amaze everyone that he can work on a rush animation job. I just don’t know how he fits it into his intense schedule.  This animation was done for Publicis Brazil for “Menino de Ouro.” “Menino de Ouro. Um Conto de Fadas no País do Futebol” is a two minutes animation to promote SBT’s new reality show MENINO DE OURO (GOLDEN BOY). The reality show “Menino de Ouro” shows a group of boys who share a common dream: becoming a soccer legend. And based on this dream the animation brings a new version of the classic Cinderella tale, but instead of a crystal shoe, a pair of golden soccer shoes will determine the faith of these little kids. Will one of them be the next Brazilian soccer star?

Here are some stills from the animation!