Kako | New Poster Art !!! Enter The Dragon

July 16, 2015    Kako

AH!!! Images slowly coming out of the vault. Here’s an exciting new poster by KAKO. The title for this piece is called “Enter The Dragon” and was commissioned by Joshua Dungca and his group in 2014. This commission was very exciting to create — the movie is a classic and an all-time favorite amongst Lee’s fans and it has a lot of material to work with, especially the characters. The poster is standard size 24×36 inches, printed with 10 colors in Legion Bamboo paper by Lady Lazarus Press. Simply gorgeous — check out the detail shots (pictures by Joshua Dungca) and the beauty in the metals! Can’t wait to see one in person.

kako_010337kako_010337M kako_010337L kako_010337K kako_010337J kako_010337I kako_010337H kako_010337G kako_010337F kako_010337E kako_010337D kako_010337C kako_010337B kako_010337A