January 09, 2019   

We are super excited to welcome our newest artist SANTINO CALVO! Santino was born in Sicily, Italy, but later moved to Rome for his studies. He now resides in Talinn, Estonia, a first for us to represent anyone from this region. Santino originally planned to be a professional translator, but after his graduation he turned back to his first main loves: graphic design and illustration. Santino currently works in advertising all while working on his illustration carreer. His designs are colorful, impactful, stylish, and inspired mainly by people, popular culture and his own emotional experiences. His style focuses on geometric shapes and sharp lines, echoing the fundamentals of his graphic design background. He often sets the spotlight on the main characters of his work, and tries to incorporate meaning or subtle messages in most of the pieces he produces. We’re super excited to see Santino flourish in this industry and can’t wait to keep you posted on the how his work evolves. To view his full portfolio, click here.