August 09, 2023    Michael Byers
Let us present to you the amazing #lcmartist Michael Byers!
Michael had a fantastic time for his first time as a podcast guest in person. He had the honor to talk with Rocky, host of @the_rocky_talky_podcast Below is his write up from his post. So kind and Mike looks forward to his next hang with Rocky.
When Michael Byers hung out at my cafe, he was always alone. Solitary. Peaceful.
Hemmed in by coffee, a sketch book, and a pen….he was the consummate artist at work.
I got to know him, and was regularly struck by his ability to turn those blank pages into something lived in, and alive. He is a lovely artist, and he has a style uniquely his own. I’d recognize it anywhere.
Michael’s story is a good one; full of great mentors, and moments that inspired even me when hearing the tales. He is honest and immediate in his ability to share…and I’m so very grateful for that. He allowed me in, and we crushed two hours talking in no time.
He, like the rest of us, is a human trying to get better, learn, grow, and grasp gratitude while scribbling and sketching along the way.
Huge thanks to Rocky for featuring Mike, we know how lucky you are to hang out with him, he’s a gem in every way!