February 27, 2019    Michael Byers

Are you “Going Rogue” MICHAEL BYERS and Ski Magazine? Would you book a ski lesson with someone that doesn’t work on the mountain that you’re getting the lesson on? “Sure, ski instructors selling under-the-table private lessons will save you money. But at what cost? Book a private lesson through a major ski resort and it’ll run you upwards of $800 or $900 for the day. Hire an instructor via Craigslist and you’ll pay half that. But the risks you’ll face are many…The instructor likely has no insurance in case of injury, no background checks, and no guarantee of instructor certification. There are risks for the instructor, too. “Without insurance, their personal assets are at risk if there’s a lawsuit, there’s no worker’s comp coverage if the instructor is injured during the lesson, and if they are doing this at one of 122 ski areas on U.S. Forest Service land, they are subject to criminal penalties from the federal government.” Worth it? I say NO WAY!