Michael Byers | Outernet For Today’s Washington Post Style Section!

April 30, 2014    Michael Byers

Here’s a great illustration that MICHAEL BYERS did for The Washington Post Style section called “Outernet.” The article is about how a neighborhood in DC called NoMa is providing free WiFi and as such further asks the question of why WiFi isn’t free everywhere else. Such a fun piece by Mike, obsessed with the man with the bow tie!

I love this paragraph…enjoy! WHY?

“But the livelier, whinier point of contention is this: Why, more than a decade into the proliferation of WiFi networks, is free wireless Internet not available everywhere all the time, especially in the capital of the free world? Why must we purchase and set up our own individual hotspots, or linger in coffee shops, or siphon connectivity from unsecured networks, or make do with our phones?”