April 04, 2019    Michael Byers

“Get ready for an epic battle of ultimate cuteness. In one corner, there’s Team Penguin. In the other, Team Puffin. Which team will you be rooting for in this hilarious seabird smackdown? Cast votes, watch videos, and get a sneak peek of the book Penguins vs. Puffins.” Super excited to finally share this amazing book that MICHAEL BYERS got to help illustrate for National Geographic Kids. He got to design characters that have since made it in 3 books – stay tuned for more on this series. Written by Julie Beer, “This book is also loaded with all sorts of animal knowledge: the history of the species, how they raise their young, the latest science about each, population numbers, range maps, fun facts, quizzes, and more. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll be a mini-expert on both animals!” Huge thanks to all the amazing creatives we have worked with at NatGeo, this series has been so much fun to see come to life!

Run out and purchase this book now! Cuteness overload — you definitely won’t regret it. Link here.

Now it’s time to meet Bob Bunny, Frances Fox & Peggy Polar Bear!