October 02, 2019    Michael Byers

Excited to share the next book in this series written by Julie Beer “Piglets Vs. Pugs”  that MICHAEL BYERS got to help illustrate for National Geographic Kids. “Both of these pint-size porkers boast some serious stats, so in a head-to-head (er, snout-to-snout?) smackdown, whose corner are you in? Piglets vs. Pugs: Who will win? Check out the contenders below for more info and vote for your favorite! These cute critters bring their A-game to this closely matched competition. Sure, they’re both adorable, but as much as they have in common, they are distinct in their own ways. Get in on the fun as they battle it out in 23 kooky and quirky categories, including Biggest Smarty-Pants, Best Dressed, Biggest Foodie, and more. It’s up to you to follow the action and decide who’s the ultimate winner! One thing we know for sure: You’ll be a pig and pug expert by the end of this epic (and squeal-worthy) showdown! Another huge thanks to all the amazing creatives we have worked with at NatGeo, this series has been so much fun to see come to life! We can’t wait to show you the next one!

Run out and purchase this book now! Cuteness overload — you definitely won’t regret it. Link here.