Michael Byers | Pike Place Market Map For Seattle Met

July 11, 2011    Michael Byers

Levy Creative Management artist MICHAEL BYERS creates another great map of Pike Place Market in Seattle. Mike has never been to the Pike Place Market, yet he’s found himself becoming very familiar with the historical market located in beautiful Seattle. As some of you know Mike does maps as well as editorial illustrations coupled in with some advertising and publishing jobs. The maps can be a lot of work however for the most part Mike finds them to be great fun and informative. He gets to learn a lot about interesting places that he has yet to visit. The Pike Place Market is one of those places. Thanks to Mike’s Fresh page in the Illustration Annual of Communication Arts magazine, he got a call from Andre Mora at Seattle Met magazine. They wanted to do an illustrated map of the market that is not only fun but effective in helping people navigate through the market and still be something that they might want as a keep sake. Mike says “Let me start by saying that there are great art directors, art directors that just do their job, and art directors that go out of their way to not only make the work great but promote you and your work.” Andre Mora fits into all categories. Mike says it was such a pleasure to work with him. Andre was pumped about this Pike Place map for Seattle Met. He was so pumped that Seattle Met took the sketches he was doing to the officials at the Market who loved it. They asked if some extras could be printed to just hand out for free people at the Market. Mike feels a need to travel to Seattle to see this place for himself.
Below is the map as it’s been printed. Enjoy.