Michael Byers | Searching For That Brown Leather Couch For Golf Digest

July 24, 2013    Michael Byers

Calling all you golfers, here’s a great piece by MICHAEL BYERS for Golf Digests 19th Hole column called “Searching for that brown leather couch: When I know I find it, I know my round is truly in the books.” It’s a fun little article about bars at the end of the golf course. Read it here. Thank you Riva for another great assignment with you.

“I hadn’t noticed this–the couch, the view, the quiet–that very morning. That’s not my way. I had to play through 18 holes to see it clearly. To see what I really needed. Can’t be bought, of course. But if you’re lucky, you might just find it when you’re at the right bar at the end of everything that’s right about the game.