Naftali Beder | “Screening Smokers For Lung Cancer” For The New York Times

September 30, 2014    Naftali Beder

Super excited to share this amazing piece for The New York Times by NAFTALI BEDER done in nearly half a day yesterday, 2 hours for final to be exactly after approval of sketches. The Letter To the Editor is in the The Opinion Pages and is in response to “A Cancer Battle We Can Win,” by Andrea McKee and Andrew Salner (Op-Ed, Sept. 22) — about screening smokers for lung cancer. The reader talks about the benefits and drawbacks of screenings. Likely this is one of Naftali’s quickest deadlines to date, super proud of Naftali turning this piece around so quickly and maintaining sanity at the same time. We hope this will lead to more great current event pieces.