Rory Kurtz | Resident Evil Movie And Underworld Give Rory The Nod On Their Social Media Pages

April 27, 2017   

The day in the life of an illustrator — they get commissioned for an assignment, they work their tail off usually in a studio by themselves, turn it in and that’s the end of it. On some rare occasion the art gets used again, sold, and possible given a 2nd shelf life. Most of the time the art goes into the vault, one that has hundreds if not thousands of imagery done by an artist. This go around RORY KURTZ gets the nod from two feature films that were featured in his art commissioned by Entertainment Weekly Magazine. Resident Evil Movie writes “What would happen if Alice teamed up with Selene from Underworld? Great art by Rory Kurtz.”  Underworld writes “Nice Underworld and Resident Evil mashup by Rory Kurtz.” Great collaboration between Art Director Ruby Parra & Rory! Kudos for you both in putting together this amazing piece of art and a huge thank you to both feature films for taking notice.  What would happen if Alice & Selena did get teamed up? It would be super bad-ass, that’s what we think!!!

Official Spread in Entertainment Weekly | Art by Rory Kurtz | Art Direction by Ruby Parra
Art by Rory Kurtz | © Rory Kurtz 2017

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