April 20, 2021   
So this happened….what an honor to have great conversation with Giuseppe Castellano from @illusdept! Very seldom do I share photos of myself or my family or tap into my personal space for that matter. For those that know me, I’m a private person and don’t shed my layers all that often. When it comes to my artists and my love of the industry, it becomes all about them & their art — that is certainly exemplified on our social media presence on all platforms. I peeled away a little bit about myself on this podcast lol so enjoy the few minutes of “me” time. It was loads of fun speaking to Guiseppe and super grateful for the opportunity. Thank you again for having me!
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Episode 101—with the President and Owner of Levy Creative Management, Sari Levy-Schorr— is now available!⁣
We talk about how she transitioned from being an illustration student at Syracuse who didn’t think she was “good enough” to being an illustration agent; what it was like being an agent in the 1990’s (pre-internet); and what defines a good agent/illustrator relationship.⁣
Sari also answers questions from Patrons of the Podcast about signing with an agent; the viability of traditional art; portfolio mistakes; and more.⁣
To learn more about Sari and her agency (and submit to her), visit: Her email address is⁣
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Giuseppe Castellano⁣