Vidhya Nagarajan | New Jacket Art — Inside Hudson Pickle For Kids Can Press

February 08, 2017    Vidhya Nagarajan

Excited to share this new exciting project VIDHYA NAGARAJAN just finished up for Kids Can Press. The book, Inside Hudson Pickle is a “compelling coming-of-age story for middle-grade readers that combines elements of humour, sports action, and an undercurrent of mystery.” LOVE how Vidhya handled truly going inside Hudson Pickle’s head & her type treatment also works beautifully.

“Thirteen-year-old Hudson Pickle doesn’t want a spot on the school basketball team – he needs one. And he’s determined not to let a lack of coordination or self-confidence get in the way. The growth spurt that got him cut from hockey should make him tall enough to be king of the court. But after an asthma attack at the first try out, the odds are stacked against him. Hudson’s rival nicknames him Wheezy and starts competing with Hudson for more than just a spot on the team. There’s a girl, too – one of the many friends Hudson lost when he ditched everything (and everyone) for hockey.

With no one in his corner but an overprotective mom who never seems to tell him the truth about anything, Hudson knows he needs back-up. He finds it in his Uncle Vic, who moves in with them after a suspicious fire destroys his basement apartment. The problem is, Victor Pickle comes with his own set of problems and secrets – including a couple that will affect Hudson right down to his DNA. Soon Hudson is looking for much more than a spot on the basketball team — he’s searching for his father, and for himself.”