Ze Otavio | Art Featured In Group Show Vanitas MMXIV In Brazil

November 03, 2014    Zé Otavio

ZE OTAVIO is participating in a group exhibition called Vanitas MMXIV that is about the Day of The Dead in Brazil. It will take place at Mapi 49 located at Goiania city (Rua 113, nº 49, Setor Sul) curated by PLUS Gallery. Zé contributed three drawings to the exhibition, it’s small series called “All that is solid melts into air…”

The artists participating in the exhibition are: Oscar Fortunato, Rustoff, Wolney Fernandes, El Mendez, Lupe, Mana Bernardes, Zé Otavio, Thais Ueda, Rage, Sabrina Eras, Nick Alive, Carlos Rezende, Leandro Dário, Mariana Martins, Fernanda Guedes, TARA (Fernanda Guedes + Tony de Marco, Nestor Jr, Ramon Rodrigues, Sabrina Bezerra e Leo Brizola.

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