Michael Byers | Busting 5 Myths Of College Costs For Money Magazine

September 20, 2013    Michael Byers

Football season is in full swing as MICHAEL BYERS illustrates yet another football illustration for Money Magazine. This piece was for an article on “Busting the 5 Myths of College Costs.”

Here’s an interesting excerpt from the article. Definitely worth the read here. “Much of the playbook for taking on the $40,000 average sticker price of a private school is out-of-date or just plain wrong. You’ve pored through financial aid forms, knocked the priciest schools off your list, reviewed borrowing options, and nudged your kid to think more about engineering and less about English lit. So you figure you’ve got this college thing under control. Not quite. Those expensive schools you ruled out? They might actually cost you less in the long run than some cheaper private or public institutions…”