September 10, 2020    Michael Byers

This may be one of my favorites of the year by MICHAEL BYERS! This is for MECA’s (Maine College of Art) Be Seen campaign which is truly fabulous!!! Here’s a glimpse at how amazing it really is. An enormous thanks to Drew who has been a dream to work with! If you have a chance, click on MECA’s homepage, the animation is off the charts, scroll away to see how the entire art moves as it’s totally alive!!!

Be Seen

It’s not on a map
or in a book.
It’s right here.
Your place to do
what’s been calling you:
Go deep. Get dirty.
Get a little lost and a lot found.
Can’t hide here,
or just bide your time here,
and it’s never about
the who’s who here.
It’s about what you do
and what it says
and how you’ll make your mark
in an emerging cultural center.
So come ready.
To rule-break
and opportunity-take.
To connect and collaborate,
and chart a movement that’s yours for the making.

Be Seen.

Huge props to our project team who put this entire campaign together! Creative Direction by Drew Design Co. & Creative Copy by The VIA Agency.

Brand Concept: Be Seen tells our unique and authentic story; because of MECA’s intimate size and unparalleled setting, at MECA you and your work will Be Seen. Through our 10:1 student-faculty ratio, access to state-of-the-art facilities, 24 hour a day studio access, and our central location in Portland’s creative community, this is the right-sized city and right-sized school to make your mark.

A glimpse below at Michael’s sketches for the website panel. He was asked to take his original poster and extend it so MECA could use it for a website panel. Michael Byers’ Be Seen Poster Image was selected for treatment across the majority of MECA’s assets for the brand rollout, including MECA’s website. In order to create an image to fit the width of the website homepage, the image was extended into a three-panel illustration – allowing room to expand on Portland’s sense of place, access to nature, and inspirational coastline or mountain scenes.

Posters can be found all over Portland. Wish we could be there to see it but we’ll keep posting as we receive images.