Rory Kurtz | Profiled In Communication Arts Magazine Design Annual 54!

September 11, 2013    Rory Kurtz

RORY KURTZ: “Self-Taught Artist Flies Far, Fast and Free.” What can I tell you, I still remember my first conversations with Rory before representing him — fearful, unsure, but somehow mysteriously confident that he was going to make it — apprehensive, curious, ridiculously talented to the extent that he didn’t even know what he was capable of, so damn intriguing and incredibly raw. For those of you that don’t know Rory, I strongly encourage you to get to know him, he’s funny, witty, and likely too intelligent for his own good (that I’m sure got him into some trouble in his early years). He’s a complete renaissance man who even finds the time to make donuts in his spare time. He’s often times as mysterious and dream-like as some of his paintings depict, I like to even think that there is a piece of him that floats into every painting (that, and of course some type of self portrait.) The article holds true to it’s words. The writer Matthew Porter truly got to the depth of Rory’s soul which for those that know Rory, they will tell you, that’s not an easy place to get to. Our journey together as a team has definitely been a magic carpet ride, he’s grown so much in the short time he’s been an illustrator, he’s learned about himself, the business, working with others and best of all that he can do anything (that he sets his mind to.) He’s garnered loads of awards, worked with some of the best art directors in our industry, and currently working with clients worldwide. One can say that Rory has definitely gotten his feet wet fast. I hope his journey remains as adventurous, and as mysterious as it’s been so far on his magic carpet. I hope that those discovering his kindred spirit continue to and encourage him to evolve with the assignments that they commission him with. His frightful turn from his previous profession only proves that all one has to do is set your mind to what you dream of and run for it. His return to love on all levels is what I believe has set Rory free as a bird and finally his growth, maturity and confidence as an artist can only get stronger from this point forward. We are so incredibly proud of Rory and all that he has achieved. I hope this article is a true inspiration to so many. Thank you Matthew Porter for a great article and thank you to Communication Arts for giving Rory such an amazing profile. And of course, thank you to all the clients that believed in Rory from the get-go and allowed him to get to where he is today. Some mentioned, many not, we are truly grateful for all of you!

Photo by: Jessica Kaminski