Ryan Johnson | Origin Week 2018 : Guatemala! Poster For Ritual Coffee Roasters

May 08, 2018    Ryan Johnson

We’re loving this new poster art & packaging by RYAN JOHNSON for Ritual Coffee Roasters, the only bummer is that they are located in California and we can’t share in the excitement of the week. Ritual’s coffee is just as amazing as the artists they use & Ryan’s favorite coffee roaster to boot (and I know he takes his coffee just as seriously as we do). Here’s more about Origin Week 2018: Guatemala. For those that live in San Fran, go get your java fix and check out Ryan’s art. We’ll take any photos too so send ’em over! Thanks again to the great team at Ritual for making this such a fun assignment for Ryan!

“A wonderful week(+) is in store as we celebrate the fresh arrival of our Guatemalan coffees! All Ritual cafes will be decked out with festive decor, and we’ll be serving an all Guatemalan menu, including an amazing single origin espresso “ConcepciĆ³n Buena Vista!”

The Story about Origin Week:

“Ritual takes a group of our baristas to a coffee growing nation each year, visiting the farmers we work with and learning about the process of coffee from the very beginning. This spring we ventured to Guatemala- join as we celebrate this origin trip and some extremely fresh and fantastic Guatemalan coffees from producers we’ve been working with for many years, such as Luis Pedro Zelaya. Visit us this week and learn, taste, and see for yourself what makes Guatemala such a unique coffee terroir.

Origin Week, from May 5th to May 12th!

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